24 Jun '12, 5pm

A moving and inspirational piece by 2012 #WS100 winner: My Path to Contentment: From Addict to Awakened Ultrarunner

It didn’t just change overnight, but there were significant times when life became clearer and I wanted to live again. I started running daily and after sobering up and staying clean for a while I started to coach cross country and track at my local high school where I grew up. This was life changing. I came to help these kids out and encourage them to make good life decisions. It ended up being a huge blessing for me. I made running fun for them and in return, my love of running kept growing and growing. I entered my first local 5k and I just started running (Forest Gump style). It was mostly just around back roads and cornfields of Wisconsin, but it felt freeing and was a lot better for my body then cruising around, blaring music way too loud and probably ingesting maybe just a little too much acid.

Full article: http://www.irunfar.com/2012/04/my-path-to-contentment-fro...


Ultrarunner Charlie Engle Out of Prison

Ultrarunner Charlie Engle Out of Prison

news.runnersworld.com 21 Jun '12, 2pm

By Scott Douglas Ultrarunner Charlie Engle, one of the first three people on record as having run across the Sahara Desert...