21 Mar '15, 12pm

Somewhat Silent Saturday. #Uncategorized

I like almond butter, but I love peanut butter. I don’t agree the the suggested serving size though, who can eat that little when its so delicious!? I had to work this morning so no run for me until tomorrow. On the plus side, I am getting a massage after my 20 miler tomorrow, so I’ll consider that a win! Other than work and run, just watching lots of basketball and hopefully seeing my bracket stay somewhat intact!

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Sort of Silent Saturday. #Uncategorized

hungryrunnergirl.com 28 Mar '15, 1pm

Looks like a great start to wedding weekend. Whomever made that mostly-frosting cake is genius. :) The sliders were also a...


earthhour.org 26 Mar '15, 12am

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