20 Mar '15, 10am

What I’m Loving Lately XXXII

What I’m Loving Lately XXXII

Inside/Out: My Struggle with IBD – IBD friends: This is a must-watch. It follows a young woman named Rebecca and her struggles with Ulcerative Colitis, including what daily life with the disease is like and her decision to have her colon removed. She ultimately has the surgery and shares everything that goes along with adjusting to life wearing an ostomy bag, while also attempting to run a half marathon just two months after surgery. A runner with Ulcerative Colitis? Obviously, this film really hit home for me, and I cried every time Rebecca cried. I have so much empathy for her and appreciate her sharing her story more than I can ever express. You can also follow Rebecca on Instagram @rebeccazamolo.

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What I’m Loving Lately XXXIII

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