20 Feb '15, 3pm

Things I’m Loving Friday #73

During the final morning of our family vacation to Sanibel Island, my family and I biked to Bennett’s for doughnuts, thanks to your wonderful recommendations. All I can say is THANK YOU for putting this coffee and doughnut hot spot on our radar because the doughnuts were fantastic. The orange crunch doughnut reminded me of Pillsbury orange cinnamon rolls (and I mean this in the best way possible – please tell me someone out there shares my love for this childhood treat!) and the Boston crème doughnut is the stuff dreams are made of. (It has homemade Ghirardelli chocolate icing on top, for goodness sake.) Another bonus? Bennett’s iced coffee rocks, too! And now all I want in life today is another one of their doughnuts…

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Things I’m Loving Friday #74

Things I’m Loving Friday #74

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of gum. I still absolutely love gum, but when I realized I was chewing an excessive number of pieces of gum a day, I stopp...


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What I’m Loving Lately XXX

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