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Brooks Ravenna 6 Review

The Brooks Ravenna 6 preserves many of the positive enhancements to the sole unit which were introduced in the Ravenna 5, which included the new BioMoGo DNA foam and Diagonal Rollbar in the midsole as well as the segmented crash pad and flex grooves, to maintain cushioning and flexibility. The Ravenna 6 continues to offer the same quality blend of stability and cushioning which makes the shoe a versatile daily trainer. The key updates in the Ravenna 6 were focused on the upper while the sole and cushioning, which were updated in the previous version, remained primarily the same. The upper has a new mesh to make it thinner and more breathable while the saddle has been changed to give the runner a more customized and personal fit. The latest version comes with a minimal weight increase (no more than 0.5 oz.) with the men’s now weighing 10.7 oz. while the women’s is 8.8 oz. I...

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Brooks PureFlow 4 Review

runningshoesguru.com 24 Jan '15, 5pm

Brooks PureFlow 4 General Info: The PureFlow returns with a 4th installment and a few new upgrades that seem to simplify t...

Read about the Brooks Beasts altitude camp here:

Read about the Brooks Beasts altitude camp here:

talk.brooksrunning.com 21 Jan '15, 12am

We take the Beasts to high-altitude environments for training because the air pressure (not necessarily the oxygen) is low...

How to spice up your running life:

runnersworld.com 23 Jan '15, 2pm

No matter how much you love to run, there are bound to be days when you’re burnt out, bored, frustrated, and want to throw...

Saucony ISOFIT Zealot Running Shoe Review

Saucony ISOFIT Zealot Running Shoe Review

runblogger.com 21 Jan '15, 4pm

The Zealot is one of three Saucony shoes featuring a new upper construction called ISOFIT (along with the Triumph and Hurr...

Review: The Uncanny Valley

Review: The Uncanny Valley

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Photo: Kathy Perkins Do Androids Dream of Equity Cards? Alphonse Nicholson played human test subject Edwin [right] opposit...

6 original ways to explore Paris on foot

6 original ways to explore Paris on foot

aluxurytravelblog.com 21 Jan '15, 10am

This is a great website, which pretty much covers anything you might conceivably want to do in Paris … from food and wine ...

6 printed tights to add color and flair while staying warm this winter:

6 printed tights to add color and flair while s...

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The tights are labeled from top to bottom. 1. Nike Epic Luxe Capri ($120) Trippy tights that hug all the right places. The...

Osprey Rev 6 Review

irunfar.com 15 Jan '15, 11am

The Osprey Rev 6 has a 1.5-liter Hydraulics LT Reservoir. This design is very well made and lives up to the hype. The rese...

Custom Converse Sneakers Shoe Review

Custom Converse Sneakers Shoe Review

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order. I loved how I could order a one of a kind pair of Converse sneakers. The Converse.com website was so easy to use an...

@nicabeIIa HAHA here's the review

@nicabeIIa HAHA here's the review

ieatishootipost.sg 24 Jan '15, 2am

The special draw of the stall is of course its famous Shark’s Meat fritters which are added to the Lor Mee. Ah, at least n...

Garmin 620 Review and 8 things I did last night.

hungryrunnergirl.com 21 Jan '15, 1pm

I use the Forerunner 10 right now and I love the simplicity of it. It really gives me everything I need. My two recurring ...

6 gym bags perfect for a weekend running getaway.

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Bags are identified from top to bottom. Photo by Thomas MacDonald. Nike Formflux Tote ($175) The gym bag is all grown up. ...