28 Aug '14, 9pm

It returned.

Ok, this shower curtain and dry erase markers…brilliant!! My kids are too old for that now but I should have thought of this back a few years! Running tips…hmmm. When running long I just do a lot of visualizing and trying to feel my pace. I also try to practice gratitude and think of something new for each mile and then challenge myself to really think deeply about each thing (one thing at a time) for each mile. It’s actually harder than it sounds to focus on one thing for 7 to 8ish minutes at a time without having your mind wander to the next thing. At the end of your 20 miles you will have been mindful of at least 20 things you are grateful for. If you want it to last a mile, you have to think of things worth thinking of for that long.

Full article: http://www.hungryrunnergirl.com/2014/08/it-returned.html


@Dendrocnide @1EarthMedia @margokingston1 #CSG energy returned over energy invested, a big looser.

@Dendrocnide @1EarthMedia @margokingston1 #CSG ...

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Confidential image via shutterstock . Here’s The Script, in four despicable acts: Act 1. Fracking boom goes bust as produc...