28 Jan '14, 2pm

Suckers For Succas

these large succulent photographs that she’d been eying for some time from West Elm had gone on sale (boo, but it looks like they’re back to full price now). It’s more than we typically spend on art, but they’re very large (almost 30″ wide and tall) and the price included the big glass frame – so Sherry took the 20% markdown as a sign from the succulent photography gods that a couple of these should come to live with us. I actually really liked them too, so I was easily convinced. We’ve been wanting to slowly amass more large-scale art over time (other than this yard sale painted canvas that Sherry DIYed and these bike prints I framed , we really don’t have much) so it’s nice to balance out some cheaper homemade stuff with some custom framed professional prints.

Full article: http://www.younghouselove.com/2014/01/suckers-for-succas/