26 Sep '17, 4am

Pumpkin Protein Balls (No Added Sugar)

Pumpkin Protein Balls (No Added Sugar)

Just popping in real quick to share a new favorite recipe in our house: Pumpkin Protein Balls ! I’m actually off to a (sort of) last-minute Entyvio appointment. It was originally scheduled for Thursday, but, with our upcoming trip to San Francisco, I bumped it to next week. Unfortunately, I’m not feeling so great (lots of cramps, no energy), so I called yesterday to see if the Infusion Suite could fit me in before I left. Thankfully, they have an appointment first thing this morning, so it’ll be a mad-dash to get there. No joke, during rush hour, it’ll take me 2-3 hours to get to my appointment when it normally takes me 30-40 minutes. Ughhhhh, but at least I have French toast iced coffee, Pumpkin Protein Balls, and

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Turns out Raw Pumpkin Is Actually Really Good for You

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